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The League of Geekz Podcast

Oct 24, 2019

Before he was Yondu Michael Rooker was Henry.. Listen to Alil and Steve talk about Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Until Tomorrow night.... Keep it Creepy 

Oct 23, 2019

The Geekz.. Yes all 3 of us review and discuss the Reboot of Child's Play.  Can Mark Hamill save a franchise?  You will have to listen to find out.

Until tomorrow night.. Keep it Creepy!!!

Oct 22, 2019

Night #21 of our 31 days of Horror!!!

Hi my name is Chucky wanna play?  Well you can play with Alil and Steve as we discuss the original Child's Play.

Until tomorrow night.. Keep it Creepy!!

Oct 21, 2019

Tonight the Geekz talk about some movies they were able to watch this week, and the casting news from The Batman.  So sit back relax, and enjoy the show.

Until next week.. Keep it Geeky!!!

Oct 21, 2019

What does Stephen Dorff, a Hole in the ground, and a Heavy Metal record having in common? Well you will need to listen to our 20th movie for our #31 Days of Horror movie reviews to find out.

Until Tomorrow Night.. Keep it Creepy!!!